Your letters for Aug. 20, 2020

Julie Payette holding a phone: Governor General Julie Payette delivers the Throne Speech in the Senate chamber, Thursday, December 5, 2019 in Ottawa.

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Governor General Julie Payette delivers the Throne Speech in the Senate chamber, Thursday, December 5, 2019 in Ottawa.

Fix governor-general office by eliminating need for it

Once again we have an unqualified political appointee frittering away taxpayers money with complete disregard for the people who worked to pay their salary . I am referring to Julie Payette but it could equally apply to Adrienne Clarkson.

Isn’t it time we stopped subjecting ourselves to the sham of requiring the permission of an outdated and entitled British royalty in order to conduct our nation’s business? It is time for us to become a truly independent country and do away with this archaic tax drain.

In this day and age I find it revolting to refer to someone as your highness due to an accident of birth.

Robert Carleton, Regina


Get bicycles off city sidewalks

I have come to the conclusion recently that it is safer as a pedestrian to walk in the bike lane, if one is available, or in the street adjacent to the sidewalk.

With the surging population of cyclists as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the sidewalks are now becoming crowded with road-averse cyclists, some of whom show little regard or respect for pedestrians on the sidewalk.

What many people may not know, cycling on sidewalks is illegal for all bicycles, except for those with a wheel diameter of less than 40 centimetres, according to a city bylaw. It is quite legal to ride in the street, provided that all the applicable rules that drivers of motor vehicles are required to follow are adhered to.

The city would be well advised to offer practical cycling courses which would go along way to making the sidewalks safer.

Robert  Stedwill, Regina


RCMP not inherently racist organization

I read two articles recently about the RCMP. One by an opinion writer for Maclean’s magazine and another by a professional student, a professor from a university in B.C.

They both criticized the RCMP saying how the force should have done investigations, how they should do investigations and how the force should change to comply with their own vision of what police is all about. I am willing to bet they have never been in the police but because of their background they are experts. During my 30 years of policing Saskatchewan in eight different communities, I never had a media person or professor standing next to me when a drunk came at me with a bat, a knife or a gun, to tell me how to do my job. They were never there when I was at a fatal accident or when I had to notify a parent of the death of their child.

Their other comment was of course, about racism. Is there systemic racism in the RCMP? Absolutely not. Are there racists in the RCMP?Absolutely. There is racism in every organization in this world. If you cannot find the racist in your organization, then look in the mirror; you may be it. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki should have stood up for her members instead of bowing down to Trudeau and saying the RCMP is a systemic racist organization. God created everyone equal in this world and no baby is a racist. They are taught by parents, teachers, elders and other adults.

A.R. Hammond, Regina

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