Andrea Woroch, family finance and money-saving expert, shared five common money mistakes new parents make.

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. — Becoming a parent is one of life’s must fulfilling moments, but we all know kids are expensive! Andrea Woroch, family finance and money-saving expert, shared five common money mistakes new parents make. She also shared tips to help you save money along the way.

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Ron Rivera continues to support Dwayne Haskins a day after the quarterback’s four-turnover game, only this time it came with a qualifier.

Washington’s coach said he believes there is eventually a “cutoff point” in the long-term evaluation of a young quarterback such as Haskins, though he will remain the starter Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens with Washington on a two-game losing streak.

“He’s developing, but we’ve got to continue to see positive growth. We can’t see a regression,” Rivera said Monday. “The one thing he has to understand is there’s a certain point where you’re no longer a rookie. Again, to me he’s still learning and growing. But there’s a point where, hey, you know what, you should be more positive with your throwing plays.”

Haskins’ three interceptions in the 34-20 loss to the Cleveland Browns were his first three of the season. The Browns turned each of them into

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Some economists warn that the economy could begin to shrink again if Congress doesn’t act. Many households were able to save in the spring, thanks to federal aid and shutdown orders that kept them from spending money on restaurant meals and hotel stays. Households socked away about one-third of their disposable incomes in April, and while the savings rate has come down since, it remained sharply elevated from precrisis levels through July. That should create some buffer.

But those funds won’t sustain jobless families indefinitely now that extra unemployment benefits have expired and a partial supplement supported by repurposed federal funds is on the brink of running out. And businesses that were kept afloat during the summer may struggle when colder weather puts an end to outdoor dining and other activities.

There is an alarming precedent for what happens when support fades in the midst of an uncertain economic moment.

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You’re an ambitious woman and you likely became an entrepreneur because you saw you could do more in your career. You wanted to reach higher, reach more people, and make your mark in the world. Being an entrepreneur offered you a way of doing that, and you hit the ground running.

You learned all the things: marketing, sales, social media, the technology, and so much more. You tackled that learning curve and absorbed all the knowledge. Yet, you keep wondering, where is all my money going….

Business is about numbers, and to be an effective CEO of your business, you need to know your numbers.

Often I see these mistakes that entrepreneurs are making. Are you making any of them?

1.    Not having a plan

Regardless of how many years you’ve been in business,

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Starting a new business comes with unique challenges, and those first years are essential to your long-term success and growth. If you’re starting a digital marketing agency, you will run into specific challenges and may make some of these common mistakes. Here’s what they are and how you can avoid them.

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Mistake 1: Not setting the right expectations

Like in any other type of business, setting the right expectations for your clients is a must. Don’t overpromise, especially when you’re not sure if you’ll deliver those results. It’s better to let go of a lead with unrealistic expectations rather than closing the sale and having to deal with an upset client along the way. Be honest with yourself and with them.


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Mistake 2: Going into debt

Don’t go into debt. Debt can often represent a problem for your business because of the

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Millions of seniors count on Social Security as a major source of retirement income. If you’re planning to do the same, you’ll need to do your part to avoid reducing your benefits — and that could mean steering clear of the following mistakes.

1. Not working a full 35 years

Your Social Security benefits are calculated based on your wages during your 35 highest-paid years on the job. But for each year you don’t have an income on record, you’ll have a $0 factored into your personal equation, thereby resulting in a lower monthly benefit.

To avoid that, make sure you put in a full 35 years in the workforce. Doing so could actually help boost your benefit in a couple of ways — first, by avoiding those dreaded $0s, but also, by potentially factoring higher wages into your calculation. Many people earn more money later on in their careers

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  • Anita Hill told CNN on Saturday she intends to vote for Joe Biden.
  • Biden has faced criticism for decades over his handling of the 1991 Senate hearings in which Hill testified that then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her.
  • Last year, Biden spoke with hill about the 1991 hearings and expressed regret — a gesture which Hill said at the time was “not enough.”
  • But Hill told CNN she believed that despite Biden’s “limitations in the past,” she believed he should be elected in November over President Donald Trump.
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Anita Hill said she intends to vote for Joe Biden in the November election, despite her past criticism of the man who chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee during her testimony against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas in 1991.

Biden spoke with Hill last year and expressed regret for the decades-old hearings — a

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Average inflation targeting really just means higher future inflation.

unveiled the Fed’s long-awaited new policy framework.” data-reactid=”24″On Thursday, Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell unveiled the Fed’s long-awaited new policy framework.

Previously, the Fed had simply targeted core inflation of 2% —measured as core personal consumption expenditures which excludes volatile components like energy and food prices — a level above which inflation has been only briefly over the last decade.

And when inflation did move above 2% in 2018, the Fed

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  • Morgan Overholt is the founder and owner of Morgan Media LLC, a graphic design agency, and earns $200,000 in take-home pay a year.
  • Before her freelancing career took off, Overholt made her fair share of mistakes. She tells Business Insider the three avoidable mishaps she made as a young businesswoman and what she would’ve done differently. 
  • Looking back, she says she wishes she developed a game plan to actively pursue opportunities, and trusted her gut instinct with certain clients. 
  • While Overholt isn’t defined by her past, she hopes her lessons can help the next generation of freelancers and small business owners avoid the same costly mistakes she made. 
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When you begin to experience some level of career success, it’s easy to forget about the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get you there.

It’s even easier for those around you who might

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Each year, more women head out on their own as entrepreneurs. 

Women currently are majority owners of 39% of U.S. small businesses, a 45% increase from 2007 to 2016, according to SCORE, a network of volunteer business mentors sponsored by the Small Business Administration. These businesses employ nearly 9 million people and generate more than $1.6 trillion in revenue each year. 

Women entrepreneurs have an uphill road, says certified financial planner Stacy Francis, president and CEO of Francis Financial in New York. “Around 20% of small businesses, in general, fail in the first year, and 50% do not survive beyond five years,” she said.

The pandemic has been especially tough on small businesses. Seventy percent are concerned about financial hardship on the heels of prolonged closures, according to the July MetLife and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll, and 58%

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