Coimbatore-based ABT Group has shipped the first export consignment of Mirakle, the immunity booster supplement, to Singapore.

Manickam Mahalingam, Chairman, ABT Group said that the Vitamin C rich immunity booster drink is gaining traction not just in India but in the global marketplace as well.

The company is in discussion with ASEAN countries for shipment of Mirakle, and in the early stage of discussion for penetrating into the US market.

The company launched the drink formally in March, as Manickam felt that it would prove to be a preventive supplement during the pandemic notwithstanding the dire need for improving one’s immunity. “The Liposomes in the drink is four-times more effective than an average IV drip and 20 times more effective than oral Vitamic C capsules,” he said, sharing the two-decade long research findings to substantiate his claim.

The company has sold around 4-lakh packets (200 ml each) of Mirakle in

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