The new fund offer (NFO) of Mirae Asset Equity Allocator Fund of Fund is open until September 15.

The scheme seeks to invest in the Nifty 50 ETF (exchange-traded fund) and the Nifty Next 50 ETF of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund and in the Midcap 150 ETF of either Nippon MF or ICICI Prudential MF to begin with (as Mirae Asset MF does not have its own ETF in this category).

The fund will be benchmarked against the Nifty 200 Index (TRI).

Fund strategy

Different segments of the market could perform differently at any point in time. With a view to capture the best of the performance across certain market capitalisations, the fund aims at a valuation-based asset allocation within such segments.

The segments are represented by the Nifty 50 TRI, the Nifty Next 50 TRI and the Midcap 150 TRI. The choice of these indices gives the fund a

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