• Female protesters broke through a riot police cordon in Minsk, Belarus on Saturday as anti-government demonstrations against President Alexander Lukashenko and his government intensify.
  • In a dramatic video, a group of women can be seen pushing back police officers who had their linked arms to create a barrier, while chanting “this is our city.”
  • The protest marks the latest anti-government demonstrations calling on authoritarian President Lukashenko to step down after a much-disputed election earlier this month. 
  • Authorities in Belarus have launched a press crackdown and withdrawn the accreditation of many Belarusian reporters covering the large anti-government protests.
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A phalanx of female protesters broke through a riot police cordon during a protest in Minsk, Belarus, on Saturday, in a dramatic moment captured on video. 

The incident happened during a so-called “march of solidarity,” the latest of a series of anti-government protests that have rocked

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