Clockwise from top left: Pepper Anderson, Louisa M. Ives, Richard L. Chilton Jr., G. David Phelps Hamar, Garrison duP. Lickle, Peter Kim, Sara B. Bernard, Eriko Hashimoto, and Jennifer L. Foster.

Courtesy of Chilton Trust Co.

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Pepper Anderson spent 22 years at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, most recently in charge of Connecticut and Westchester County, N.Y., before moving to Chilton Trust in July 2019 as president and CEO. “The way you run a huge company is just different from how you run a small one,” says Anderson, 49. “I liked the idea of getting small again, with the entrepreneurial spirit that implies.”

Small is relative. Chilton was founded by professional investor Richard Chilton Jr. in 1992. With five offices, the New York–based RIA boasted assets under management of $4.4 billion as of June 30, and a client base of more than 500 individuals in about 150 families. The

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1. How much has the 2020 campaign cost so far?

Presidential candidates had raised almost $2.9 billion as of July 30, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That was already 20% more than the $2.4 billion spent by candidates during the entire 2012 contest. And the July 30 tally doesn’t include the record-shattering $364.5 million that Democrat Joe Biden said his campaign raised in August along with the Democratic National Committee, or the joint $210 million August haul announced by President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee.

2. How much was spent by billionaire candidates?

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent $1 billion of his own money in an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination. Another $345 million was spent by former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, who also came up short in the Democratic primaries. The third billionaire is President Donald Trump, who has yet

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