MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NY — The pandemic has thrown every challenge imaginable at small business owners in New York, a city already known for its cutthroat climate, but a new photo and interview series aims to show how the people behind some of Midtown’s beloved businesses have remained resilient during the crisis.

The “Faces of East Midtown” series was created by the East Midtown Partnership with the goal of celebrating the neighborhood’s humanity and “providing a real, raw and honest look at the faces behind the locally-owned businesses that have gone through unimaginable changes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The EMP allowed Patch to republish portions of those interviews, which were conducted over email by EMP staff. Subjects range from a tavern keeper to a salon owner to a chef, sharing how they’ve survived a difficult few months.

Noel Donovan: owner, Bloom’s Tavern

(Ron Jautz, Jautz Photography / Courtesy East Midtown Partnership)
(Ron Jautz, Jautz Photography / Courtesy East Midtown Partnership)
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