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College basketball has its start date. But it doesn’t have much else.

And that’s leaving mid-major programs across the country in limbo, awaiting word on how much flexibility there will be as they try to salvage as many of their big nonconference games, or “guarantee” games, that help subsidize their program’s budgets.

Oakland and Michigan State have an agreement to play every year through the 2024-25 season. (Photo: Daniel Mears, Detroit News)

“We know that there’s gonna be a season, and we know there’s gonna be an NCAA Tournament, so that’s good and we’re all happy about that,” said Greg Kampe, head coach at Oakland. “But we don’t know anything about our league schedule or our nonconference schedule.”

The NCAA announced last week that the season would start Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving. Men’s teams are allowed to play 24 or 25 games, plus a multi-team event, or a

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