People who live in California know that Major Storms, Fires, and Public Safety Power Shutoffs, cause power outages that can wreak havoc on their business and/or community’s critical operations.

Charge Bliss Launches New Website to Help California Communities & Businesses Get Grants for Microgrids Solar + Battery Systems

The Team at Charge Bliss knows this all too well and has just launched a new website to help & educate California Communities & Businesses on what is possible with Microgrids that incorporate Solar + Battery Systems to provide power during these emergencies and power outages.

Their new website is here:

Charge Bliss was organized in 2011 by David Bliss MD. & specializes in two areas.

#1. They have developed a unique and comprehensive approach to energy management that is scalable for nearly all sizes of businesses & communities.

#2. They specialize in obtaining grant funding at the state and federal levels which can fund community or business projects with little, no, or half the costs (depends on the grant).

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Jeffrey Ubben

Source: BusinessWire

Jeffrey Ubben is betting on widescale adoption of clean energy through his new fund Inclusive Capital Partners, which he launched in June after stepping away from ValueAct to focus on sustainable investing full time.

His fund is the lead investor in a company being formed through a partnership between Schneider Electric and private equity firm Huck Capital. The new venture will develop and run on-site microgrids for commercial and industrial buildings.

Companies’ motivations for transitioning to renewable-powered microgrids are many. Not only does it reduce a corporation’s carbon footprint, it also provides greater resiliency. The wildfires in California and subsequent blackouts illustrate the shortcomings of the current grid system.

But small and medium-sized companies often lack the resources and capital for the high upfront costs associated with building microgrids. The newly formed venture will target this area of the market, and aims to develop at least

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