Kamelah Adams received hate mail in July and is now spreading love.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Spooky inflatables are not the only things decorating yards in Northeast Portland’s Irvington neighborhood. You will find plenty of special yard signs, as well.

“I can’t even explain the feeling,” said Kamelah Adams. “I feel so loved.”

Adams is the inspiration behind the signs that show a fist in the middle of a heart. The message is simple – love over hate. “I think people need this message,” she said.

Perhaps nobody knows the significance of the message more than Adams. Over the summer, after showing up on television in support of Black lives, Adams received a letter in the mail. It was laced with a half-dozen racial slurs. The sender even threatened to murder Adams and her daughter with an AR-15. It was terrifying and eye-opening at the same time.

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Speaking to a small gathering of union members, Biden emphasized the differences between him and Trump — on the economy, their responses to the coronavirus pandemic and their ability to unite the country — and said that workers across the country had been “gutted by President Trump’s broken promises and reckless trade wars.”

“Folks, this is it. The election is here,” Biden said. “The choice couldn’t be more stark, the stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Biden accused Trump of being able only to “see the world from Park Avenue,” whereas he said his perspective was “from Scranton,” a comparison the former vice president has tried to drive home in recent weeks. He warned the crowd that Trump was seeking to destroy the Affordable Care Act, even as the coronavirus pandemic was increasing the need for access to health-care coverage, and spoke of the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on working-class people.

“America deserves

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch ‘Jan Andolan’ on Thursday to spread the message of Covid-appropriate behaviour.

“The campaign will be launched in view of the upcoming festivals and winter season as well as the opening up of the economy,” the Centre said in a statement. Further, the government plans to make it a low-cost, high-intensity campaign with the key messages of ‘Wear Mask, Follow Physical Distancing, Maintain Hand Hygiene’

The statement mentioned that a ‘Covid-19 pledge’ will be taken by all. A concerted action plan will be implemented by Central government ministries/departments and State governments/Union Territories. The plan will include region-specific targeted communication in high case-load districts, simple and easily understandable messages to reach every citizen, dissemination throughout the country using all media platforms, banners and posters at public places, involving frontline workers, and targeting beneficiaries of government schemes.

The campaign will also use hoardings/wall paintings/electronic display boards in

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Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a warning to employees following the settlement of a shareholder lawsuit accusing the board of mishandling sexual misconduct allegations against past executives.

Pichai, in an email to the company’s employees, wrote, “I hope these commitments will serve as a strong signal to all of you that we are not going back in time,” as quoted by CNBC.

“It’s very important to me that we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard as a workplace on issues of misconduct, and provide care and support to people who report it…I’ve been working closely with our teams and our board to ensure that we are doing this,” Pichai added.

Shareholder lawsuit

Alphabet last week reached a $310-million settlement in a shareholder lawsuit over its handling of sexual misconduct allegations against past executives.

In 2018, thousands of Google employees had walked out in protest following a

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Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Ridiculing vets: Trump has no decency

We, the members of Florida Veterans for Common Sense, are disgusted by President Donald Trump’s comments regarding our fallen brothers and sisters in wars past and present.

Cemeteries in every town in this country contain the bodies of the fallen. Veteran Affairs hospitals are filled with veterans missing arms, legs or parts of their faces. Their selfless devotion to duty shames Trump and his description of them as “suckers” and “losers.”

We reject the administration’s denial. Four major news outlets, including Fox News, have confirmed the story.

Trump was already on record stating that the late Sen. John McCain was a loser for being captured, despite serving six years as a prisoner of war and enduring repeated physical torture.

No family wants to be a Gold Star Family. One can only imagine the hurt feelings that Trump has caused these families.


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  • Then-candidate Donald Trump promised supporters in 2016 that he would “make America safe again” by cracking down on crime, which had reached historic lows at the time.
  • Four years later, Trump and the Republican party have embraced a “law and order” message, and declared Americans won’t be safe under a Democratic administration, as their ticket to reelection. 
  • Republican political strategists hope fears about violent crime will eclipse concern about Covid-19, the economic crisis it threw the country in and the Trump administration’s deeply flawed pandemic response.
  • Polling hasn’t shown that Trump has an edge on “law and order” issues or that Joe Biden will be hurt by Trump’s messaging. 
  • “If Donald Trump is premising his entire reelection on winning the fifth most important issue … that seems less like a genius strategy and more like a Hail Mary,” a Democratic strategist said. 
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  • Steve Bannon left a federal courthouse on Thursday in Manhattan, New York, after pleading not guilty to fraud charges in connection with a fundraising scheme aimed at building portions of the wall along the US-Mexico border.
  • Bannon told news reporters gathered outside: “This entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the wall.”
  • Bannon and three others were arrested on a yacht in Connecticut hours earlier. 
  • They were charged with fraud in connection with the private “We Build the Wall” fundraising campaign, which pulled in more than $25 million. They are accused of misusing the funds. 
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After leaving a federal courthouse in Manhattan on Thursday, Steve Bannon claimed his arrest was about silencing those who wanted to build a wall on the US southern border with Mexico, CNN reported. 

“This entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the

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