• Experts say that TikTok’s US tie-up with Oracle and Walmart looks unusual on the surface, but might have unexpected benefits.
  • The children of Oracle founder Larry Ellison are both film producers, giving a clue as to TikTok’s future direction in the US.
  • The Walmart connection also gives TikTok a route into commerce.
  • “You can take the top one percent of the talent and content that [TikTok] generates and turn them into films, TV, books, music, theme parks and plush toys,” one expert said.
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The month-long psychodrama of TikTok’s future has had more twists than an average episode of “The Apprentice” and this weekend, seemed to settle on a typically Trumpian finale.

TikTok had earned a stay of execution – but was compelled to buddy up to enterprise giant Oracle to supply its cloud hosting services and retailer Walmart. The two would combined take

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