• Motherboard reported on two memos Thursday that told USPS employees not to speak to members of the press.
  • “It is imperative that one person speaks on behalf of the Postal Service to deliver an appropriate and consistent message to the media,” the Greater Michigan District’s memo said.
  • Employees are warned of ‘undercover reporters’ posing as customers and told to defer media requests to a district representative.
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Memos from the US Postal Service, leaked to Motherboard, reveal that employees are being told not to speak to members of the press.

Two memos were released, one to the Appalachian District and one to the Greater Michigan District, Motherboard reported.

The memos, titled “Guidelines for Handling Local Media inquires,” detailed instructions to USPS workers for dealing with media requests.

In the memos, employees are given guidelines to defer media inquiries and requests for information to a

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