MediWound (MDWD) has popped up on my scanner several times over the past couple of years following some potent company press releases and catalysts. Admittedly, I would take a look at the headline and then check the ticker only to see a big move followed by a fade, so I have failed to actually start a position. Now, I am committed to making an entry in the coming weeks or months ahead of a potential PDUFA for the company’s NexoBrid product. I believe MediWound is an underfollowed ticker that is currently trading at a discount when considering its long-term prospects. As a result, I believe MDWD is worthy of a speculative buy at these prices.

I intend to provide some background information on MediWound and present a case for a long-term position in MDWD. In addition, I discuss some of my leading downside risks and how I intend to start

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