• France-based Flying Whales is developing an environmentally friendly cargo transport aircraft with commercial production posied to begin in 2025.
  • The LCA60T airship can off-load its up to 66-ton payload mid-air.
  • Because the LCA60T is a VTOL, it won’t require any extra infrastructure to operate, allowing it to serve more remote locations without harming the environment.
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Flying Whales is producing a blimp-like aircraft that can transport and drop off cargo mid-flight.

Several components of the cargo transport airship are made to be environmentally friendly, such as its floating capabilities powered by helium, hybrid-electric propulsion system, and lack of need for extra infrastructure during take-offs and landings.

But don’t get confused by its oblong shape and helium-powered floating capabilities: the LCA60T  is rigid and can’t be “deflated”, setting it apart from the traditional blimp despite its exterior appearance.

The aircraft was originally designed to transport

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