A disgruntled girlfriend is turning to Reddit for advice after learning that her boyfriend might drop out of law school to pursue his passion, which would likely leave him penniless.

On August 4, the 22-year-old woman, posting under the username RAThrowaway12789, explained her situation with her 23-year-old boyfriend in the r/relationships subreddit.

‘How do I convince him this is the worst idea ever?’

In the post, which was removed by moderators for unknown reasons, RAThrowaway12789 said that her boyfriend, who is currently in law school, wants to drop out to “be a full-time podcaster.”

“At first it was just a hobby,” she wrote. “My boyfriend is a big podcast nerd so it was really nice to see him do something he liked so much. But then he started getting more and more invested, and stopped watching his remote classes/studying to dedicate his full time to his podcast.”

At this point,

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