LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Zachary Menlove is juggling more than the average teenager.

Over the last couple months he and his little brother Joshua have become successful entrepreneurs.

Their business is LA Lawn Art. They are painting Los Angeles team logos on lawns across SoCal.

“There’s nothing that makes me more proud than to see my boys out there working hard,” said Ryan Menlove, the boys’ father.

As with any good business, it started in good fun, as a prank on a family member who is an LA Angels fan.

“On April Fool’s Day we thought that it’d be funny to spray paint a Dodger logo on their lawn,” Zachary explained.

“Went down at about 10:00 at night, painted their lawn and then drove home and the next morning he woke up to find LA on his lawn,” his father added.

Neighbors walking by loved the lawn art.

It was

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