The guide goes into detail on identifying a market, managing costs, and more.

BRADLEY, Ill., Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —¬†Bradley Mowers has announced the release of their most recent infographic: A Guide to Starting a Lawn Care Business. The infographic walks through some of the most important steps required in order to start a successful lawn care business.

The infographic breaks down crafting business plans, start-up and ongoing costs, target market, prospective employees, and legal hurdles.

According to Bradley Mowers, “Having a good business plan is essential in an industry such as lawn care, that brought in almost $100 billion in 2019.”

The infographic acts as a comprehensive plan, so that future lawn care business owners are equipped for their market.

According to the infographic, “There is a vast target market, as research shows 40% of Americans with land hire lawn care of some kind.”

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