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Brackpool, Koziatek, and Villaraigosa
Brackpool, Koziatek, and Villaraigosa ( Cadiz, Marilyn Koziatek for School Board 2020 and Antonio for California)

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”
– Wall Street

If you have ever wondered how a career politician like Antonio Villaraigosa supports himself between political offices, the answer lies with people like Keith Brackpool. The former Los Angeles mayor depends on this benefactor not only for contributions “to his political campaigns”, but for a “job between electoral posts”. Looking at the source of this money provides insight into why the corporate wing of the Democratic party has lost its way.

Born in England, Brackpool “came to the US after admitting having breached financial disclosure laws in the UK in the 1980s.” In the United States, he has made millions from Cadiz, a company that

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