• For Hispanic Heritage month, Business Insider partnered with We Are All Human, a nonprofit championing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to identify 10 Latinx business leaders driving change within their communities. 
  • From entrepreneurs making personal finance more accessible to Spanish speakers, to nonprofit founders helping young Latinx women achieve career success, these 10 leaders are working for change.
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For Hispanic Heritage Month, Business Insider wanted to spotlight Latinx business leaders driving change not only through their work, but within their communities.

The Black Lives matter protests and the ongoing pandemic have led to louder and more effective calls for racial and ethnic equality in the US. The demand for action has spilled into the business world, where leaders across industries are starting to push for change and actionable reform. 

To help us find Latinx leaders whose impact

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Karla Burton’s story begins in 1998 when she was 8 years old. That’s when her parents brought her and her younger sister to Los Angeles from Honduras. 

Raised in L.A., as a teenager she dreamed about life post-high school, but envisioned her destiny as an “undocumented” immigrant woman helping her mom clean houses. “I felt kind of scared because I didn’t know where my future was going,” Burton tells Yahoo Life. 

That uncertainty coupled with a loss of identity made it difficult for Bruton to feel she belonged. “I have maybe, like, an identity issue,” she explains. “I grew up here. I wasn’t sure if I could identify as a person from Honduras … or an American.”

For many young immigrants, identity can be a struggle. They’re born in one country, are raised in the U.S., but don’t have ties to their country of birth. Home is America. 

a car parked in a parking lot: Karla Burton launched her coffee cart business in 2019 in L.A. (Photo courtesy of Karla Burton)

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