In late 2001, an internal announcement at Wipro told us that Dileep Ranjekar, corporate executive vice-president, would lead the efforts at the Azim Premji Foundation as the CEO. I was based in Delhi. I had already heard about Mr Premji establishing the Foundation, and Dileep’s move was most interesting given that he was in a challenging and responsible role in Wipro.

Busy as I was, trying to improve the last quarter results in a difficult year, I carefully noted this development. On April 1, I took the first flight out of Delhi and arrived at Dileep’s office in Bengaluru. It was his first official day there and I was his first visitor. I told him that I wanted to join the Foundation. Two weeks later, leaving my wife and 15-year-old daughter (she was entering class X) in Delhi, I moved to Bengaluru as one of the earliest members of that

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