Euro Bears Push Back Ahead Of ECB Virtual Rate Announcement

Photographer: Alex Kraus/Bloomberg

The European Central Bank is struggling to make its intentions clear to investors at a critical juncture in its response to the coronavirus recession.

Economists and investors see mixed messages from the ECB’s top policy makers. Most important is a perceived disconnect between President Christine Lagarde’s press conferences after policy decisions, and blog posts by Chief Economist Philip Lane the following day.

National central bank officials have taken note, expressing concern privately that such a dynamic risks undermining Lagarde’s credibility just as the ECB gears up for talks on whether to increase monetary stimulus. The officials asked not to be identified because internal deliberations are confidential.

The Frankfurt-based institution has even considered whether to change the practice of publishing a blog by Lane after the policy decision, according to euro-area officials.

An ECB spokesman declined to comment.

ECB chief economist adopted stronger tone on currency appreciation

The ECB’s communication challenge is all the

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Project will be a win for Ward F, city

As Jersey City continues to rise, it’s important we leave no community behind. For years, the south side of Jersey City has struggled with poverty, crime, lack of affordable housing, failing schools, and the list goes on.

Recently, a developer has expressed interest in ensuring Ward F (Bergen/Lafayette) has more investments and giving back to the community.

This month, the Jersey City Planning Board is expected to vote on a new residential project on Communipaw Avenue where residents will have a STEM recreation center; 5% affordable housing; affordable commercial space with a focus on minority business owners; public parking spaces; and an outdoor plaza with a scenic walking path into Berry Lane Park.

It’s important to welcome new residents to Jersey City and not forget about lifelong residents. By approving this project, it creates diversity and inclusion and is a big

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AS A recent positive letter contributor on the installation of the new cycle lanes, I now find myself being described by Patrick McClure as a “Green Party and Green Peace supporting zealot” in the latest batch of attempts to support the Southampton Conservative councillors attacks on their own national government policies.

Well Mr McClure, I am not a Green Party member or voter, and nor am l a member or have I ever contributed to Greenpeace.

Like all responsible people I take very seriously the issues of the environment and public health and as a grandfather of fourteen and great-grandfather of one I feel I have a responsibility for their future in our city and indeed on the planet.

I am broadly in favour of the new cycle lanes as a step in the direction of improving the city’s environment with the obvious provision that trials and alterations may be

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Automobile retail sales is expected to be muted in September, despite it being at the cusp of the festival season, due to certain aspects of this year’s Hindu calendar, like the confluence of the ‘shradh’ and the ‘adhik maas’ period. Considered an inauspicious time, consumer sentiments will be subdued during this 45-day period, said industry officials and analysts.

With automobiles being a discretionary purchase, positive sentiments is an important factor in driving sales.

This year, after the 15-day shradh period from September 2 to 16 – which is considered inauspicious – there will be an additional 30 days known as the ‘adhik maas’, also considered inauspicious, Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director (Marketing and Sales), Maruti Suzuki India told BusinessLine.

Cyclical phenomenon

“This comes every 3.5 years, but once in 19 years, it comes together with the shradh period – it last happened in 2001,” he explained.

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While the concert industry is already down as much as 98% in quarterly revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some silver linings are beginning to emerge in the music biz. And sync licensing, one of many artists’ primary revenue streams for the foreseeable future without touring, is one of them.

Songtradr, a Los Angeles-based music licensing platform founded in 2014, saw the suddenly urgent need for artists to secure more sync-licensing opportunities start to emerge in the early days of lockdown. Since March, Songtradr has seen a 205% increase in artists signing up to license their music through its marketplace, which allows brands, ad agencies, film/TV music supervisors and other content creators to search for existing or customizable music across different genres and moods. The influx of activity has also prompted a 141% increase in new music uploads, and a 300% increase in new music releases from artists via the

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