Other examples of deterioration of R.I. landmarks

When reading The Hummel Report articles of Aug. 20, “Contrast in Care,” and Sept. 4, “Whacked in Warwick,” I decided it was finally time to write about my observations.

For at least the last four years or more, I have sadly watched the slow deterioration and trashing of very visible Rhode Island landmarks. Take for example the overpass and retaining walls at India Point, once beautifully landscaped, now left to weeds and garbage; the overpasses near Point Street, same; the very long cement block retaining wall on both sides of I-95 in the Warwick area now crumbling and full of weeds instead of the once draping shrubbery. The right side of Canal Street in Providence had weeds waist high coming out of the cement.

All of these projects, and I could go on and on, cost taxpayers millions and have been left to

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