The Closson family has finally decided to sell the 8.5 acres of land they’ve owned longer than the United States has existed as a nation.

What’s next for them? Our guess is as good as their own. “Nothing’s set. We’re going to see how it goes,” Ed Closson said.

“We don’t have any firm plans. Just one day at a time,” Debbie Closson, his wife, echoed.

Their decision to retire and sell their current home prior to establishing where their next home may be reflects the unplanned nature of the evolution of their business, Homestead Farm Market in Lambertville, which sits on the same land as their home.

Homestead Farm Market

Debbie Closson and Ed Closson, owners of Homestead Farm Market in Lambertville.Courtesy

The market is an outlet for goods ranging from local and imported produce and baked treats to flowers, plants and gardening supplies. The market also cooks and sells prepared

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