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President Donald Trump touted his pro-fracking policies at a campaign rally in Johnstown, Pa. Oct. 14, 2020.

York Daily Record

With the election weeks away, fracking has once again become a hot button issue for President Donald Trump’s campaign. 

In a Tuesday rally in Johnstown, Pa., Trump drilled former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, saying Biden promises “no more fracking” in Pennsylvania if elected. 

“This went on for a year and a half, no fracking, no fracking, no fracking,” he told the crowd. 

Fracking is the act of extracting Marcellus shale natural gas by way of hydraulic drilling, or fracturing. Pennsylvania is the second top producer of natural gas in the country.

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Pennsylvania sits on trillions of cubic feet of Marcellus shale natural gas, with most of the state’s active wells drilled in

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