I confidently endorse Jim Doherty for reelection as Morrow County commissioner.

During his first term serving Morrow County, Commissioner Doherty has proven his leadership ability not only for Morrow County, but as serving as president of the Association of Oregon Counties. The last time a first-term commissioner served in that role was 1905. The ability to lead his peers shows Commissioner Doherty’s assets in areas critical to that role — organization, mediator and strength of character.

Commissioner Doherty serves Morrow County from the viewpoint of caretaker. He was born and raised in the south end of the county. Jim and Kelly have raised their family and built a life in the north end. Morrow County holds their family history, memories and hearts. Their lives revolve around this beautiful corner of Oregon that we all call home. If something impacts Morrow County, it impacts Commissioner Doherty.

Commissioner Doherty has demonstrated his

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