Moon Dog World celebrates its first birthday on October 4 in lockdown, but the team at Moon Dog have used their creativity to bring the playful pub experience to us at home. 

While we can’t laze by the bright blue lagoon with an ice-cold pot of Lagoona Matata Sour Ale in hand, we can instead opt to enjoy a series of their beers at home. Play bartender with your housemate, pop one of Moon Dog’s bar mats onto your dining table and crack open a variety of their tinnies which come in the Pub in a Box.

Complete the experience with some of Moon Dog’s “drinking food” and order pork or tofu bao, buttermilk fried chicken ribs, buffalo cauliflower, a chicken or eggplant parma and crinkle-cut chips via Mr Yum.

“One of the biggest things that our team came up with was the Spring Box, and that comes with some

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Beckett Stallard, Dante Thomas, and Sawyer Stallard. Photographs courtesy ThePoopBrothers.

Sawyer Stallard and his dad, Morgan Stallard, were on vacation in Chautauqua, New York, when Sawyer floated some ideas for making money over the summer. Mowing lawns, for instance. Morgan had another idea, one that involved preparing lawns for a smooth mowing experience. “I don’t know anybody who would want to pick up poop,” Sawyer recalls.

And so ThePoopBrothers was born: Sawyer,14, his friend Dante Thomas, also 14, and his brother, Beckett, who’s 13. All live in Alexandria’s Del Ray neighborhood, attend Alexandria public schools, and all are featured plying their trade on their business’s hilarious website. (Sample claim: “We have studied the intricacies of poop and promise only to remove the poop and not your deck furniture or grill.”)

Sawyer and Dante met in kindergarten and have been good friends since a fateful interaction: “He body-slammed me on the

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When the Metropolitan Museum of Art closed in March, as the coronavirus ravaged New York, the cluster of pushcarts out front — one of the most coveted food-vending locations in the city — was left with no business.

“No museum, no customers,” said Dan Rossi, 70, a vendor who over 13 years has become known as the museum’s “hot dog king” by holding the top sidewalk-selling spot, directly in front of the Met’s main steps.

Mr. Rossi was not about to pack up. For more than five months, he kept his carts dormant at their location, along Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street in Manhattan, and visited constantly from his suburban home to make sure they were not moved.

Now, with the museum reopening to the public on Saturday, he has fired up his propane grills and resumed selling his $3 dogs and $1 bottles of water. He will again work

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Fundraisers were held to buy a service dog for a boy with autism. But months later, the money is gone, and no dog is coming.

DEER PARK, Wisconsin — When a boy with autism needed a service dog, people in his small western Wisconsin town dug deep to help.

A church sponsored a bake sale, the Green Bay Packers sent a signed football and area merchants chipped in items for a silent auction.

Goals were met.  Nearly $20,000 was raised.

But months later, the money is gone, and no dog is coming.

“We had so much hope,” Morgan Olson says. “And now it’s quashed.”

Olson is the mother of Nolan Olson, who has severe autism.  Holes in the wall of her parents’ home – where Morgan and Nolan live – mark the places Nolan has banged his head while angry.

Olson thought a trained service dog might provide her son

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ALEXANDRIA, VA — A dog bar is preparing to establish a footprint — or rather paw print — in Alexandria. Barkhaus aims to open in the fall at 529 East Howell Avenue.

Co-owners Alex Benbassat and Justin LeGore, who were roommates at Virginia Tech, will open Barkhaus as a part restaurant, part dog park concept. At Barkhaus, customers will be able to enjoy food and drinks while their dogs interact with others in the indoor and outdoor off-leash dog park. The dogs must be registered as members and provide proof of vaccinations before attending.

According to Benbassat, eating will only be allowed in zones where dogs are on leashes. Only beverages will be permitted in off-leash areas, which will be enclosed with fences and have double entries to keep dogs from escaping.

The restaurant side will feature a menu collaboration with The Laughing Pig, a catering company based in Cody,

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