In the last two years, the Democratic Socialists of America have animated much of the intellectual ferment in city politics, gaining a foothold after helping propel Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into Congress. In the recent Democratic primary, several D.S.A.-backed candidates unseated incumbents in the State Legislature.

Mr. Doctoroff’s nonprofit could serve as something of a counterpoint. Among other things, the coalition would focus on stabilizing the city’s budget, improving public health, eliminating disparities in the criminal justice system and turbocharging the development of affordable housing.

Mr. Doctoroff, a former private equity executive, said he has yet to raise any money for the nonprofit, which he described as in a “nascent stage.” A draft charter for the organization, which has been circulating among some of his friends and advisers, estimates a preliminary budget of $10 million. It says that additional fund-raising will be necessary for disseminating the plan and get-out-the-vote operations.

Mr. Doctoroff

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