• White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said that President Donald Trump reported “no symptoms” of COVID-19 on Tuesday.
  • The statement comes less than 24 hours after Trump returned to the White House after being hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for three days.
  • Conley has been criticized for providing misleading information about Trump’s health since the president tested positive early Friday. 
  • Trump has resumed downplaying the coronavirus, claiming that he could be “immune” and urging Americans to not let the pandemic “dominate” their lives. 
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White House physician Dr. Sean Conley announced on Tuesday that President Donald Trump claims to have “no symptoms” of coronavirus, less than a day after the president was released from a three-day stay at the hospital.

“This morning the President’s team of physicians met with him in the Residence,” Conley wrote in a brief memo. “He had

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  • White House physician Sean Conley has been President Trump’s doctor since 2018. On Saturday, he declined to answer multiple questions about Trump’s health.
  • Conley is the first president’s physician who isn’t a medical doctor, or MD. He is an osteopathic doctor, or DO.
  • Conley prescribed hydroxychloroquine, a once-hyped coronavirus treatment, for Trump in May. There’s no scientific evidence that the drug reduces symptom severity or prevents COVID-19.
  • Here’s what to know about Conley’s history as physician to the president, his medical training, and his qualifications.
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Since President Trump announced his COVID-19 diagnosis Friday, Americans have looked to one man for reassurance about the commander-in-chief’s condition: Dr. Sean Conley, White House physician since 2018.

But following a press conference Saturday at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in which he failed to answer some basic questions about Trump’s condition — including whether the president

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  • Dr. Mahendra Amin, a physician accused of performing unnecessary and unwanted hysterectomies in an immigrant detention facility in Georgia, is not a board-certified OB-GYN, The Daily Beast reported.
  • Amin was identified as the doctor named in a complaint filed to the Office of the Inspector general on behalf of a whistleblower who previously worked as a nurse in the Irwin County Detention Center
  • A spokesperson for the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) told the Daily Beast that its records show that Amin is not certified by the organization.
  • The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) confirmed to Business Insider Amin was also not certified by any of its 24 member boards. 
  • While board certification is a voluntary process, physicians often pursue certification to expand their skillset and establish credibility with patients. 
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Dr. Mahendra Amin, the physician accused of performing unwanted or

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Aseem Malhotra, a UK-based Indian origin doctor, has released a book titled The 21-Day Immunity Plan: How to Rapidly Improve Your Metabolic Health and Resilience to Fight Infection.

Dr Malhotra, through his book, gives an insight on how in 21 days people can conquer their infection, including coronavirus, and reverse many of the underlying risk factors that can exacerbate their condition.

In a statement quoted in the journal Medical Dialogues, Dr Malhotra said: “Poor metabolic health equals poor immune health. The good news is that within weeks of making simple changes to what we eat, how we move, and reducing stress through meditation, we can rapidly improve — both making us healthier and more resilient to infection.”

Lifestyle changes

Malhotra is also helping people fight obesity which is lethal to coronavirus positive patients. The book talks about the benefits of lifestyle changes on global health.

Earlier this year,

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