• The director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, released a number of declassified intelligence documents on Tuesday that national security veterans warned could be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.
  • The documents included handwritten notes from former CIA director John Brennan in 2016, shortly after he briefed then-President Barack Obama on US intelligence reporting on what Russian security services were saying.
  • Specifically, according to Brennan’s notes, Russian intelligence operatives were claiming Hillary Clinton concocted a plan “to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference” by Russia during the 2016 election.
  • The president and his allies immediately latched onto the declassified notes as evidence of an Obama-era plot to undermine Trump’s campaign.
  • But former US officials said Ratcliffe compromised national security and US sources and methods by selectively declassifying the documents to boost Trump’s narratives about the Russia probe.
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Director of National

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DNI to delist from the NYSE soon

As we discussed with our members in our latest Weekly Closed-End Fund Roundup, Dividend and Income Fund (DNI) announced on September 18 that they would voluntarily delist from the NYSE, and followed that up by a formal filing on September 28.

September 28, 2020 | Dividend and Income Fund Files to Voluntarily Delist Its Common Shares of Beneficial Interest. Dividend and Income Fund (DNI) (NASDAQ:XDNIX) (the “Fund”) today announced that it has filed a Form 25 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to voluntarily withdraw its common shares of beneficial interest (“Shares”) listing from the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) to become effective on October 8, 2020, following the close of regular trading on the NYSE. Following the effectiveness

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