a man holding a gun: Gil McGowan, Alberta Federation of Labour president.

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Gil McGowan, Alberta Federation of Labour president.

The group behind a website that posts the names of Alberta businesses that have donated to pro-UCP causes refused to back down Tuesday, in spite of Premier Jason Kenney’s condemnation of what he called “deeply disturbing” political tactics.

Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour, said his organization stands by the website it launched this week listing 166 businesses across the province that have made donations to conservative-leaning third-party advertisers and political action committees (PACs). The website, boycottucpdonors.ca , urges Albertans not to shop at or financially support the named businesses, which include car dealerships, home builders, energy companies and more.

The donor lists for PACs such as Shaping Alberta’s Future and the Alberta Advantage Fund are already public thanks to Alberta’s election laws, and McGowan said the AFL is simply putting the information in one

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The Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) has launched a website that calls for Albertans to boycott businesses that have previously donated to pro-UCP Political Action Committees (PACs) before the last provincial election.

text: AFL website, boycottucpdonors.ca

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AFL website, boycottucpdonors.ca

PACs are a political, third-party advertiser, a person, corporation or group which is required to register with Elections Alberta when it spends more than $1,000 on political advertising outside of an election period.

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BoycottUCPdonors.ca lists dozens of Alberta businesses across the province using an interactive map. The AFL said it wanted Albertans to make “informed consumer choices.”

“These are businesses that have been bankrolling the UCP agenda,” said AFL president Gil McGowan. “An agenda that is kicking Albertans while they’re down.”

McGowan said, by providing money to campaigns that helped Kenney’s conservatives, these businesses have made it clear they don’t support

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