• The Yorkshire Explorer Distillery makes rum using local seaweed. Its first batch sold out in less than two weeks.
  • Though the company launched two years ago as side business to an events company, the sales of its gin and rum have allowed both businesses to stay afloat during the pandemic.
  • The company credits the rum’s success to its emphasis on local produce and natural ingredients.
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Alcohol sales have boomed during the pandemic — and so has the market for local produce. One English company is combining these by flavoring its rum with local seaweed.

The Yorkshire Bartender usually provides mobile bar services at weddings and corporate events, as well as hosting gin and cocktail masterclasses. But the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to these. Instead, the company has had to diversify to retain its revenue stream after losing around £500,000 ($640,000) in

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In a year when growth in the beverage alcohol industry seems tenuous, craft distillery Kozuba & Sons found a path to massive expansion. Operating out of sunny St. Petersburg, on Florida’s gulf coast, this family business crafts traditional Polish spirits: vodkas, whiskey and cordials. And while other small-batch distilleries were hedging their bets, Kozuba & Sons saw an opportunity. In June of 2020, they chose to completely overhaul their approach to the market.

It paid off. In a little over two months, this family-owned distillery has sold $180,000 in products and has secured almost 80 new accounts. They are now in the process of presenting to major chain stores and have goals to reach 10,000 cases over the next several months. Figures and projections like that might sound like magic or luck (or a combination of the two), but if you ask the Kozubas, they’ll tell you it was just

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a man taking a selfie: Jefferson County is 'shining a spotlight' on exemplary businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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Jefferson County is ‘shining a spotlight’ on exemplary businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO — Many Colorado businesses are not only adhering to public health guidelines, but some are coming up with creative ways to keep customers and employees safe.

Jefferson County has launched the ‘Open for Business Spotlight,” which highlights businesses that are going above and beyond to create safe environments amid the coronavirus outbreak.

To be featured, a Jeffco business must be:


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  1. Following public health guidelines
  2. Taking action to emphasize the safety of employees and customers
  3. Creating an atmosphere that will make customers feel confident that they can safely visit the business.

>> Community members, visitors and business owners can submit businesses for the Jeffco Open For Business Spotlight campaign here.

Don’t miss the latest coronavirus updates from health and government officials in Colorado. Sign up for free Patch news alerts and

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Tim Obert is doing his best to stay optimistic – and to manage to keep the doors of his San Francisco distillery open.

Just like the Seven Hills is a permanent part of the San Francisco landscape, Obert has always hoped his

Seven StillsWhiskey | Seven Stills | United States

Seven Stills Distillery would become a fixed feature of this California city. But Obert and his distillery has to survive COVID-19 first.

“This year’s just been a disaster,” Obert says.

Up until March, Seven Stills was on track with Obert’s hopes and dreams. “I basically came up with this idea to distill whiskey from different craft styles of beer,” he says. “The whole idea was to do seven different whiskeys for

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