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Happy Friday readers,

With the House vote on the MORE Act delayed, all eyes in the cannabis world were on Aurora’s dismal earnings. 

The first earnings call under new CEO Miguel Martin was a tough one — the company lost close to $1.9 billion (CAD) in the quarter — and analysts say the company has a long way to go to turn things around. You can read my full story on the earnings here. 

Elsewhere in public markets, psychedelic medicine company Compass Pathways had a stellar week of trading. Expect to see lots of psychedelic companies, of varying quality, try and pile into the market, piggybacking off of Compass Pathways’ success.

Will we

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a person holding a sign: Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

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Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

Covid-19 has pushed the economy into the worst recession on record. GDP fell by a fifth in the three months to June, the biggest quarterly drop of any G7 nation. This is surely the worst possible moment for the government to choose to inflict a further economic shock on the country. Yet that is exactly what Boris Johnson is planning to do. On 1 January, the Brexit transition period will come to an end and Britain will either trade on a no-deal basis with the European Union or, at best, with a bare-bones free trade agreement.

The government’s economic forecasts predict that a no-deal Brexit would depress GDP by more than seven percentage points over 15 years and that a free trade deal outside the customs union and single market would reduce it by just under five points. But even Brexit’s most

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