The scenario of cascading risks of health and disaster nexus playing out among millions of families throughout South Asia leaves us with the question — in the middle of such a pandemic, how do we ensure that the development gains of the previous decade are not wiped out?

In an interaction with BusinessLine, Sanjay Srivastava, Chief, Disaster Risk Reduction, at UN-ESCAP, Bangkok, cites the case of Asif Ali (name changed), a mechanic living in a rural township bordering India and Bangladesh, along with his wife and three children.


Breeding ground for vectors

Asif lost his job when the Covid-19 lockdown forced the closure of a small repair shop. Furthermore, the months leading into the monsoon season led to severe flooding, leaving him with a damaged home and lost livestock that had provided an additional livelihood. As the waters receded, it became a perfect breeding ground for vectors.

Unfortunately, he

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