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Buchanan donor misfires salvo at Good

It must be election season! Partisan disciples of Congressman Vern Buchanan are firing on all cylinders, manufacturing another political hit job – this time around state Rep. Margaret Good’s mis-vote on state legislation to ban child sex dolls.

In fact, Buchanan’s top-drawer surrogates have been speedily dispatched to lambaste Good across various media outlets. Buchanan must be in trouble if his followers are attacking so early and so ferociously, albeit ineptly.

Buchanan’s latest salvo has been led by a local GOP megadonor who, since 2007, has contributed over $34,000 to Buchanan’s political operation.

Given Good’s one mis-vote, the letter writer wonders how the state lawmaker could keep track of the higher volume of bills on which she would vote in Washington, should Buchanan be forced into retirement this November (“Voting ‘mistake’ looks bad for Good,” Sept. 1).

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