• President Donald Trump said he “could be one of the diers” in an October 3 phone call after he was hospitalized following his COVID-19 diagnosis, according to New York Magazine’s Intelligencer.
  • On Friday, Intelligencer published details from the phone call, showing a perspective of the president that comes in stark contrast with his largely optimistic tone since contracting the disease.
  • In the call last Saturday, the president said he was feeling good but admitted that he still had some uncertainty in his wellbeing with the coronavirus, according to the Intelligencer article.
  • “This thing could go either way,” Trump said, citing Intelligencer’s article. “It’s tricky. They told me it’s tricky. You can tell it can go either way.”
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President Donald Trump recognized his own mortality following his COVID-19 diagnosis in a phone call last week, according to details published on Friday by New York

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