BEIJING (Reuters) – Local city regulators in China have asked Didi Chuxing to suspend its new standalone ride-hailing service, citing a lack of operating licenses for the platform in their regions.

Didi, China’s biggest ride-hailing company and backed by Japan’s SoftBank, in July launched a new service named “Huaxiaozhu” that targets younger customers and offers cheaper rides compared to its main app.

The eastern city of Hefei said on Wednesday on its website it has asked Huaxiaozhu to stop operating in the city as it did not obtain all the required licenses to offer ride hailing service.

In coastal Tianjin city, transport regulators in July said in a social media post on their official Weibo account that Huaxiaozhu should suspend service, until they update the business status and connect its data with the regulator.

Transportation officials in eastern Nanjing city told local television this week they found several drivers who

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