Kibera and Dharavi — two of the world’s largest shanty towns — are about 4,500km apart. With tens of thousands of people crammed into one-room homes, these sprawling urban settlements are battling the spread of Covid-19.

Last summer, Moses Njule, a Kenyan guide, gave me a tour of Kibera in suburban Nairobi, where his home is located. Apart from a walk through the main settlement, we visited a non-governmental organisation run by women who have recovered from HIV.

I am reminded of Kibera as I read about the massive exercise underway to contain the novel coronavirus in the Mumbai slum. Njule is part of Kijiweni, a local self-help group educating people in Kibera on ways to stay safe.

While some international reports have been stating that Kibera has been successful in flattening the curve, Njule, however, estimates there are hundreds of cases, and rising.

“I do my own research,” Njule,

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