The Business Partnerships Platform will continue supporting private second engagement and innovative partnerships in the Australian aid program until 2024.

CANBERRA — Engagement with the private sector is an important part of the Australian aid program’s approach, which was initially established under former foreign minister Julie Bishop. The Business Partnerships Platform was announced in 2015 as part of this approach to encourage traditional development organizations, the private sector, and innovative thinkers to work together on developing new programs that can lead to sustainable development in the Indo-Pacific region and Southeast Asia.

A continuing chapter of this funding initiative begins this year until 2024. Four focus countries have been selected by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade — Fiji, Samoa, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

“These focus countries receive targeted support to help deepen private sector engagement and to maximize impact,” Ariane Gauchat, team leader for BPP with Palladium, told Devex.

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