As the Covid pandemic rages in India, entrepreneurs are putting in more technology innovations to deal with the crisis and bank on it. Here is the list of four technology innovations that sprung up during the coronavirus outbreak:


Log 9 Materials, a Bengaluru-headquartered nanotechnology start-up, has come up with first-of-its-kind a product named CoronaOven that makes use of UV-C light (having a wavelength of 253.7 nm) in combination with significant design parameters. The device disinfects surfaces (of various objects, personal protective equipment, etc.) from germs including bacteria and viruses. This unique multi-focal UV disinfection chamber that claimed to sanitise any surface within 4 minutes. CoronaOven is available in different sizes like 20-litre, 33-litre, 40-litre and 440-litre variants.


AirOk manufactures air purifiers that use a patent filter technology called EGAPA (Efficient Granular Absorbent Particulate Arrester) to filter out major pollutants and gaseous substances. Vistar air purifiers have been innovated

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Global confirmed deaths hit 1 million as major developed and emerging economies are struggling to contain the coronavirus almost 10 months after it first emerged.

In the US, warning signs are emerging that the country faces more deaths and serious illnesses as winter approaches. President Donald Trump told Americans to expect more coronavirus cases in the weeks ahead as the US deploys millions of rapid tests to states.

Germany could face more than 19,000 new cases a day by Christmas, Chancellor Angela Merkel said, while France marked the lowest daily increase since August. Moscow has started to reopen temporary hospital wards as infections in the Russian capital soar.

The world officially recorded 1 million deaths from Covid-19, though health experts say the real tally might be almost double. The viruss rapid spread and ability to transmit in people who show no signs of the disease have enabled it to outrun

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A Brigham Young University Ph.D. candidate is using his expertise in mechanical engineering to develop a product meant to inspire creativity and support children’s interest in STEM.

Originally from the Bear Lake area on the Idaho-Utah border, Bryan Stringham moved to Utah County in 2014 to pursue an education at BYU after earning his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering at Utah State University.

Since the move, Stringham has completed a master’s degree and is in his fourth year of the mechanical engineering Ph.D. program at the private, religious institution.

In March, the Ph.D. candidate also founded Impact Creativity, a limited liability company with a mission to create a positive impact through products that support creativity. The company’s flagship product is one that Stringham began developing only one week into the coronavirus lockdown.

Since then, Stringham has spent the last five months, and over 1,500 hours 3-D printing and

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The OECD said the combined GDP of its members fell by 9.8% in the second quarter of 2020. Photo: Mike Kemp/In PIctures via Getty Images
The OECD said the combined GDP of its members fell by 9.8% in the second quarter of 2020. Photo: Mike Kemp/In PIctures via Getty Images

The economic damage done to developed nations by the COVID-19 crisis has far eclipsed the damage done by the financial crisis, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said on Wednesday.

The OECD, which represents 37 developed nations around the world, said the combined GDP of its members fell by 9.8% in the second quarter of 2020.

The second quarter collapse in GDP was “unprecedented,” the OECD said, and “significantly larger” than the 2.3% decline seen in the first quarter of 2009, which marked the worst three month period of the financial crisis.

The OECD and its partners represent 80% of global trade and investment, according to the organisation, underlining the importance of its figures.

The organisation said the huge second quarter GDP slump

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In a move to protect domestic producers of single mode optical fibre, used in telecommunications operations, against competition from cheap imports from China and some other countries, India may soon impose a 10 per cent safeguard duty over and above the basic customs duty on the item.

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) under the Commerce Ministry, in its final findings notified recently, proposed a 10 per cent safeguard duty on imports from all developed countries and China for a period of one year. Increased imports of the item were causing or threatening to cause injury to domestic producers of like or directly competitive products, it observed.

“The existing circumstances justify the imposition of a safeguard duty in order to protect the domestic industry from further serious injury, which may be difficult to repair,” the DGTR noted. The safeguard duties will be implemented once the Finance Ministry notifies them.

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