Donna Hager seeks opportunity wherever she can–for her firm, of course, but also for her people. Founded in 2015, Hager’s architecture and engineering firm, called Macan Deve, is certified as a Section 3 Business Concern. That means when she works for the New York City Housing Authority, she agrees to hire people who live in the housing projects to help her execute those contracts. Then she and her firm do their best to mentor them, so they can advance within the construction industry. 

I’ve been an engineer my whole career. I worked for Aecom, the world’s largest construction company. I had really great mentors, I had a corner office, I was a VP. 

Then in 2010, I noticed an increase in opportunities for minority- and women-owned business enterprises. The MWBE program had been around for a long time in New York, and it required state agencies to allocate a percentage

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