People are “hijacking” the message of Black Lives Matter, former NYPD detective Dr. Oscar Odom told “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday, reacting to a group of protesters captured on video in a tense confrontation with a Louisville, Ky., store owner who was reportedly defending his business.

The protesters were seen on video demanding the business owner, who was holding a rifle, voice support for their cause during a third night of demonstrations in the city following the grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s case.

Video of the incident, which was shared on Twitter by Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura, showed protesters aggressively questioning business owner Fadi Faouri as he stands outside his store holding the rifle, according to the Daily Mail.

In the video a man is seen asking Faouri, “Does Black lives matter?”

Faouri replied: “If you’re a good person, I will care about you, if you’re a

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When veteran New York police Detective Robert Garland saw his supervisor’s daughter born with a rare neurological condition known as Alexander disease three years ago, he knew he had to step up and help. It was through this experience, that Garland founded “Fund the First,” which was created to provide financial and emotional support to all first responders and military members in need.

“I’m an NYPD detective. I’ve been on the job for 12 years,” he told Fox News during a phone interview. “With the crowdfunding space, everyone knows about GoFundMe, Kickstarter — There are almost 200 platforms out there that do donation-based contributions. So we recognized this and wanted to develop something that’s more of a trusted and secure platform for first responders and our military. “

“[The origin] goes back to my immediate supervisor,” he continued. “I’d been working in narcotics. My daughter had been born two days

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