Navigating the business of design isn’t always easy. When faced with a difficult client, an economic downturn, the fallout from an on-the-job mistake, or any other tough situation that might rear its head, designers turn to the wise words of their trusted advisers for guidance. But the following lessons come in handy whether there is a pressing challenge to overcome or not—they are ever-valuable anecdotes that may inspire small business owners at any stage in their entrepreneurial journey. Read to hear the pieces of advice that 12 designers always have in mind.

Mark Cunningham:

“My former boss, Ralph Lauren, never compromised on his vision, and his unyielding commitment to brand was instilled in every employee at the company. While that type of dedication is difficult to maintain in most companies (and in life), it certainly is at the forefront of my mind running my own company.”

Elaine Griffin:

“I had

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