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Wipro Ltd on Tuesday said said in a press statement it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Eximius Design, an engineering services company with a focus on semiconductor, software and systems design.

Eximius provides end-to-end solutions and services for building smarter, smaller and faster-connected products for various use cases of IoT, Industry 4.0, edge computing, cloud, 5G and artificial intelligence, the statement added.

Eximius’ offerings and solutions will be consolidated as a part of Wipro’s EngineeringNXT framework, providing customers with a platform to innovate and engineer the next generation of products and platforms at scale.

“Eximius enables Wipro to strengthen market leadership in VLSI and systems design services by expanding our market presence and strengthening our technical leadership in the semiconductor ecosystem, to help accelerate silicon innovation for our customers. We are pleased to welcome Eximius’ employees and look forward to helping our customers innovate at scale and deliver

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a person standing in front of a computer: Video editing is one of the top searched services. Image: Getty

Video editing is one of the top searched services. Image: Getty

Freelancing marketplace Fiverr has revealed the top services businesses are searching for in Australia.


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The company’s Small Business Index is based on data from millions of searches, pinpointing which services are most in demand.

In Australia, the fastest-growing searches over the past six months have been for Youtube video editing, which is up 175%, followed by Instagram posts (95%) and Squarespace web design (46%).

It comes as Aussie businesses have been boosting their online presence amid the pandemic so they can reach potential customers. With the popularity of platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, there has been a rise in demand for short and long-form video content as well as static images and animated posts.

“It has always been necessary for small business owners to stay on top of the latest trends to connect with their customers,”

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SaaS websites need to be special.

There’s always a temptation to focus heavily on what your software does: the technology used in your processes, the features of your offering, etc. Those things are great – and they can serve as validation of your offering’s value.

But it’s important to put your own preconceptions aside when you’re designing your SaaS website. If you don’t intentionally work to view your website from an objective perspective, your site will almost certainly have too much jargon, be too complicated to navigate, or even miss your target demographic entirely.

With that in mind, here are four questions to ask when designing and building a website for your SaaS company. These questions will give you the perspective you need in order to find out if your website design is optimal.

1. Does your SaaS website make a great first impression?

Here’s a fact that keeps web

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Brand North, a web design company, marketing and contact management company helps to promote local business with $6,500 donation to a local business in the form of a premium website.

BOCA RATON, Fla. (PRWEB) October 05, 2020

Brand North, a leading provider of web design and digital marketing and proponent of local business is giving back to the community with a donation of a free website to Garage Floors Plus More.

Brand North is a digital marketing company that focuses on increasing revenue and conversions for high ticket services industries. Founded in 2016 Brand North has experienced exponential growth through the application of digital marketing strategy combined with fundamental conversion and technology applications to local service businesses. Brand North has also expanded to offer coaching on sales and marketing to empower business leaders to learn more about customer acquisition strategies.

“We are thankful to be in a position to make

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The way your website looks and functions has a huge impact on user experience and how your brand is perceived. If your website looks like you’re sending visitors back to the ‘90s, it can potentially impact future business. (You hate to see ’em, but they’re still out there.)

Redesigning a website is a great way to refresh branding, features, functionality, and more.

Sure, you might touch up your content here and there to better align with your mission statement, but a full redesign is probably necessary every few years (if you’re not making incremental changes and updates along the way).

This is exciting! You finally committed to revamping your site, but now you realize you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle – an in-house designer and developer. Or perhaps the designers you do have just don’t have the time or can’t quite do what you want.

It’s time to

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DÜSSELDORF, Germany, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The launch of Catrub ONE makes a breakthrough in the cat furniture market. Catrub ONE, the modern version of the classic scratching post, fits into every modern living style and meets all the needs of a cat. Due to its multifunctional and modular system, ONE can be put together individually. The high-quality Catrub ONE is easy to clean, space-saving and, thanks to its exchangeable elements, sustainable and durable.

The start-up Catrub from Düsseldorf, Germany, introduces its flagship product, the Catrub ONE. The Catrub ONE is the first modular multifunctional cat furniture that includes all of the important features along with a modern design. The cat furniture has recently been awarded with the German Design Award 2021.

The Catrub ONE covers all the needs of a cat: It includes a cosy sleeping cave with cushion, play elements such as a feather and

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Businesses around the world look for a quick solution and can send the web design of their online portals. It is one of the primary factors that can make their business hit or miss so that they would put a lot of time and effort into this concern.

But not all of the businesses try to think about what is the basic purpose for which they are trying to come up with the web portal. Is it just that all of their competitors also have one, or do they try to get a website that is designed exquisitely to attract the visitors?

Let me offer you some insight on this topic so that you can know more information about this that can help you launch your own portal with success.

Purpose of Your Website

Perhaps you should start from what’s the main goal of your website? Are you setting it

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LinkedIn, the business social network, is going to start looking more and more like Facebook.

LinkedIn, which has 700 million members, is introducing a new redesigned look to its website today, and introducing “Stories,” the ephemeral posts first popularized by Snapchat, and then exploited by Facebook and its Instagram.

The changesrolling out today come as the business network, which once was just a place where people posted their resumes and looked for connections to network with, has evolved into a more robust social network of people who use it for more than just job seeking, according to the company.

LinkedIn’s new look (Photo: LinkedIn)

Job seekers: LinkedIn’s tips for virtual job interviews: Here’s what you need to know before turning the webcam on

Pounding the pavement: How to network while working from home: Start with reaching out and contacting folks

“We’re seeing people share more and comment more,” says

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a close up of a toy: A Surprising Product Design Factor That Can Increase Profitability

© Getty Images
A Surprising Product Design Factor That Can Increase Profitability

The beginning of a product’s design should consider the final part of its journey.


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With companies fulfilling eCommerce orders on a larger scale than ever before, there are many variables in play when it comes to meeting consumer demands while working toward profitability, many of which are new to traditional retail brands. There are already innumerable factors weighed in the design of a product, but with more and more purchases being delivered via mail, the impact of one component has become increasingly important during this phase: shipping.

Considering the following shipping-related factors during the product design phase can contribute significantly to becoming more profitable.

Product size and shape

How will your new product fit into your existing shipping cartons? If it is

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Jerred Mace describes the W/Joy Project like a fortune cookie for coffee. #k5evening

EDMONDS, Wash. — Every Wednesday in Edmonds, customers at Walnut Street Coffee can walk out with something extra. It’s all part of what they call “With Joy Wednesdays”. 

If you purchase a drink and request a sleeve for the cup, it comes with a small inspiring message attached. 

Jerrod Mace is in his junior year at the University of Washington; and he said he got the idea while hanging out at a coffee shop in Spokane. 

“The barista was writing little notes on the side of the cups and I found that to be a sincere extension of her joy and that was memorable,” explained Mace.  

Although he was just finishing high school, he launched a two-year journey to figure out how to make that experience a possibility for more people. He landed on what he calls

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