• During an interview with Axios, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Apple “deserves scrutiny” over how it runs its App Store.
  • He said Apple’s control over what apps can get onto its devices should make people question “whether that is enabling as robust of a competitive dynamic.”
  • Zuckerberg praised Google for allowing Android devices to “sideload” apps from places other than its official Google Play store.
  • Facebook publicly criticized the App Store rules last month after Apple refused to waive a compulsory 30% commission on in-app payments for a new Facebook feature.
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Mark Zuckerberg told Axios on Tuesday that Apple “deserves scrutiny” over how it controls the apps on its App Store, saying that the tech giant’s “unilateral control” of what gets on users’ phones could damage competition. 

During an interview broadcast on Tuesday night, the Facebook CEO was asked whether the Apple App

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Investment thesis

Stitch Fix brand

Stitch Fix (SFIX) is the only publicly-traded company we know that makes selecting outfits and apparel painless. They collect your vital measurements and fashion preference, then combine the magic powder ‘data science’ with a human touch from stylists/fashion experts to design your wardrobe. As a middle-aged and father of an infant, SFIX saves me valuable time and makes my life easy.

Stitch Fix personalized business model

Source: Q3 earnings presentation

I invested in a start-up in the U.K. called ‘Enclothed,’ a fascinating idea at the time and a very similar concept to SFIX. But it failed to retain customers, thus wasn’t able to reach scale and profitability to sustain their growth.

With SFIX, the company has passed the test of time. The business concept is being expertly executed since the IPO. Combining their propriety algorithms and human judgment by stylists, they have been able to offer selections of outfits that match customers’ requirements.

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Investment Thesis

Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation (ADPT) has just won its first-ever FDA approval for a blood-based cancer test. However, it’s Adaptive’s COVID-19 battle that has attracted investor interest with the share price outperforming the broader market and the leading developers in blood-based cancer tests. The company’s strategy against COVID-19 is diverse. The ImmunoSEQ® T-MAP™ COVID attempts to monitor T cell response to support the next-gen vaccine development. Highly sensitive, T cell-based test takes on more established antibody tests, while the most potent neutralizing antibodies are currently being identified to develop therapeutics. An equity offer has just raised the liquidity level to meet the rising R&D expenses, and counter the effects of revenue slowdown and sustain the operations.

Even though COVID-19 is a risky venture, the potential returns can be equally high. Therefore, the sharp discount implied in the 2021 price to forward sales multiple compared to the past year average

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