Over dependence on one country, China, for basic ingredients required to make medicines is a cause for concern, observed Justice N Kirubakaran of the Madras High Court.

India has emerged as a pioneer in pharmaceuticals. Yet, for the basic ingredients of medicine-making, it is heavily dependent on imports from one single neighbour nation – China. “This dependency handicaps us in responding effectively to security and other breaches by the neighbour. It also makes our patients to more often contend with spurious and sub-standard drugs and placing them in a vulnerable prospect of going without medicines if tensions escalate between the two countries, especially after Galwan valley tussle,” he said.

The Judge’s observations in his 226-page judgment was passed on a couple of writ petitions filed in 2017 by the city-based Vinkem Labs. The company that manufacturers medicines to treat cancer complained about lack of government support in carrying out generic

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COLUMBUS Columbus is more dependent on municipal income taxes than any of Ohio’s six largest cities, revenue now threatened by a coronavirus-created, work-from-home movement that many experts say may reshape workplaces permanently.

Columbus leads Ohio’s “Big 6” cities — which also include Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton and Toledo — in the percentage of “own-source” revenue that comes from city income tax at 88%, according to a new study from the Greater Ohio Policy Center.

Own-source funds are those taxes cities have sole jurisdiction over to set rates for and collect, such as income taxes, and exclude state and federal grants, and fees for services.

“This is an issue that is not going to go away,” said Alison Goebel, executive director of the Greater Ohio Policy Center, a non-partisan nonprofit that advocates for the revitalization of Ohio communities, particularly struggling rust-belt cities.

An emergency law passed last spring has put on

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