DENVER — When James Blanchard designed his winery and taproom in Denver’s Dairy Block two years ago, compliance was front of mind.

“Making sure your entry doorways are wide enough, your table spacing is wide enough, I have clear pathways to the restroom,” said Blanchard, who owns Blanchard Family Wines with his brother. “We 100% want to be accessible, we want to be compliant, we want to be inclusive for all.”

So it came as a surprise when he was summoned to court this year. He is being sued for noncompliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“There was no letters no notice, no warning, just ‘you have been served,'” he said.

The lawsuit was brought by a blind Coloradan, David Katt, who is being represented by a New Jersey law firm called Marcus & Zelman. The lawsuit alleges the website for Blanchard Family Wines fails to meet numerous ADA

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After his company got a boost from his appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” Colorado entrepreneur Anthony Franco said the business has continued to grow despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The company, mcSquares, has quadrupled the size of its physical operations, expanding into a 25,000-square foot building in Thornton. Franco, founder  and CEO of the startup, said the 600% growth it reported in the first quarter of this year has continued.

In addition, the company has landed a deal with the Novi School District in Michigan that will put its personal whiteboards in the hands of more than 6,000 students and teachers. The company makes a line of products that includes dry-erase tablets, desktop whiteboards and a type of reusable sticky note that doesn’t use adhesion, designed for use in classrooms and corporate meeting rooms.

Franco said teachers and students are using the personal whiteboards during online classes and sharing their work

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What seemed like a fluke to Thomas Paul Althaus seven years ago is a steadily growing business that transforms used tin cans into earrings, cuff bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry.

The company, Canned Goods, made The Oprah Magazine’s “O list” of sustainable products in April. Althaus, who still works in his garage in Denver, has built a network of stores that sell his jewelry. And online sales continue to increase.

Althaus said it still feels surreal, the fact that what started out as a homemade gift morphed into a thriving enterprise. It began in June 2013 when he wanted to make a 10th wedding anniversary present for his wife, Emily. They had decided to spend money on travel, not gifts, but he still wanted to give her something.

“I looked up the 10th anniversary online and I saw that the traditional gift was tin,” Althaus said.

Looking at an empty

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DENVER, CO — With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to loom, cities in Denver’s metro area are in for significant revenue declines in 2021, according to a research paper by three university professors.

Metro Denver is expected to see a revenue loss from between 5 percent to 10 percent in 2021, the study by Howard Chernick from the City University of New York, David Copeland from Georgia State University and Andrew Reschovky from the University of Wisconsin shows.

Chernick said the recession resulting from the pandemic will be “sharper” than the one that began in 2008, which he described to The New York Times as “a story of long, drawn-out fiscal pain.”

The study, “The Fiscal Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cities: An Initial Assessment,” is slated to appear in the next edition of the National Tax Journal and not yet available online publicly yet. Patch has reached out to

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