• In 2019, Dentons codeveloped and launched a pro-bono system with Paladin, a software platform that allows lawyers to more easily access pro-bono opportunities.
  • Since then, the firm has seen an increase of nearly 40% in pro-bono casework.
  • Ben Weinberg, who heads the pro-bono department at Dentons, spoke with Business Insider about how Paladin solved the problems faced by lawyers at the firm in accessing pro-bono work — especially during a time when the country is grappling with a pandemic and a racial reckoning.
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Ben Weinberg, a pro-bono partner at Dentons, remembers just how inefficient the old way of doing the work was.

The basic structure for connecting lawyers with pro-bono work was what he called a “phone-tree” system: Whenever a legal-aid organization needed help, it would typically send an email with the request to a firm’s head pro-bono partner, who would then forward

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