Minneapolis businessman John Wolf joined President Trump on Monday to talk about how one of his stores, Chicago Lake Liquors, was heavily damaged and looted during the height of the riots in May following the death of George Floyd.

The store has been at its location in south Minneapolis since 1959 and was targeted by looters starting on May 28. The looting went on for two more days. More than 300 businesses were destroyed during the riots. 

“I called 911 over 10 times, without any response, all while watching looters damage my building and haul away product. The feeling of hopelessness I had, knowing that no one was coming, is indescribable,” Wolf said on the airport tarmac.

“I faced three nights of looting, six fires, three feet of standing water, over a million dollars worth in stolen and damaged product. There’s nothing more important for elected officials than providing safety

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