• Rep. Val Demings of Florida sharply criticized President Trump’s handling of racial-justice demonstrations during an ABC interview on Sunday. 
  • Demings accused Trump of stoking tensions as racial-justice protests rocked the country. 
  • She said Trump was “not trying to sow peace and calm, but actually throwing fire onto an already volatile situation.”
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Democratic Rep. Val Demings of Florida slammed President Donald Trump for his response to widespread, ongoing racial-justice demonstrations on Sunday, arguing that he has fueled tensions rather than trying to bring the country together.

“While America was going through civil unrest in all 50 states, quite frankly, America was on fire, we had a president — a commander-in-chief — who was walking around with a gasoline can,” Demings said during a Sunday interview on ABC’s This Week.

Demings’ scathing comments were in response to a

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