The fixed order of the NFL is to give contracts to the big stars. If an organization gets hit by poor coaching, injuries, close losses, and underperformance of those stars, an unholy mess follows and the salary cap becomes a ball-and-chain. The Falcons are in the pit of that mess this week and owner Arthur Blank, at last, recognized it is time to fire head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Atlanta is 0-5 and the ignominy of the dismissal wasn’t carried out on Zoom, but in a late-night statement Sunday.

All those contracts, the parade of big money, deal after deal, promise after promise, and the Falcons are winless. Quinn and Dimitroff were co-joined

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With enforced shutdowns driving governments to enact emergency stimulus measures and airdrop funds into citizens’ accounts, Universal Basic Income (UBI), also known as Basic Income has attracted renewed interest. This fact hasn’t escaped the attention of e-trading brokerage eToro, whose launch of corporate social responsibility initiative GoodDollar (G$) aims to bring Basic Income to the mainstream, delivered on the blockchain.

GoodDollar, launched publicly on September 7, and delivers a solution that empowers citizens around the world to claim Basic Income via the G$ coin, a digital currency that any cell phone owner can claim, and convert to local currency.

Basic Income is a long-standing scheme that has recently gained new attention and relevance as governments have begun to give money directly to citizens through financial rescue packages. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, is a departure from past financial stimulus packages

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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / September 9, 2020 / Multi-asset investment platform, eToro, is excited to announce that it has launched GoodDollar: a non-profit initiative to deliver a distributed basic income on a global scale. First proposed at Web Summit 2018, the concept has since advanced into a working model and official non-profit with the potential to deliver a universal basic income (UBI).

The launch of GoodDollar means that anyone with an internet connection and phone number can receive its native crypto-asset, G$, store it in the GoodDollar wallet, and transact. A pool of G$ is given away daily to users, who can use the digital asset to facilitate barter and trade locally and globally.

Backed by a monetary reserve of cryptoassetss, G$ can be bought and sold directly via the GoodDollar reserve. Its value is derived from the interest generated by individual and corporate supporters who stake

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Royal Mail could stop delivering Saturday letters as it reveals it has delivered 1.1 billion fewer letters year-on-year

  • The UK delivery service has faced resistance over plans to deliver fewer letters
  • Royal Mail saw a drop of 1.1 billion letters year-on-year in five months to August 
  • It could scrap its Saturday service while delivering parcels seven days a week 

Royal Mail could stop delivering letters on Saturdays after revealing it has delivered 1.1 billion fewer letters year-on-year.

The UK postal service has faced resistance over plans to deliver fewer letters and refocus its energy on its parcel delivery service – which has boomed during lockdown.

There’s still a demand for an affordable next-day letters service from businesses Monday to Friday, executives discovered after thousands of customer surveys and staff meetings. 

But the

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With the emergence of advanced technologies and growing digital penetration, several industry sectors have become heavily dependent on the internet. The dining, food, and restaurant industry, in particular, has adopted digital ordering means in order to keep up with the latest trends. 

Almost all business operations have turned digital, and this shift has proved to be beneficial. Unlike the traditional means of running a business, the digital medium offers enhanced convenience to consumers and also reduces operational cost on the business end. At the same time, digital ordering has opened up newer avenues for those businesses which cannot afford to open a physical restaurant per se. 

Having said that, it is extremely important for businesses in this space to have a complete idea, both operationally and technically, about the digital landscape. In this context, Digital Ordering News is delivering advanced digital business intelligence to help businesses seamlessly operate in this

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Most entrepreneurs can count themselves fortunate to have one successful startup to their name, so launching multiple projects takes a special kind of determination and passion that few possess. And those successes typically span over decades, not a few short years. Such conventions don’t matter to Brendan Cox, despite being only just removed from being a high school student.   

I previously spoke to Brendan about his experience as a serial teen entrepreneur and his advice for other founders, and, true to form, he hasn’t remained idle since the publication of that last article, with yet another startup to his name and a new book. I reached out to him to talk about his new venture.  

Mary Juetten: What’s the name of your company and where are you based? 

Brendan Cox: Our company is called Business Blurb ( and we’re based out of New Jersey.


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